A quick review of the best SaaS websites for 2023, brought to you by WANDR, a top-ranked product strategy and UX design firm in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


With more businesses depending on software as a service (SaaS) solutions, there is an increased demand for quality website design. If you want your service to stand out, you need to create an effective landing page.

Your SaaS website should have a clear message and call to action for your target customer. For a few examples of designs that convert, here are the 10 best SaaS websites for 2023.

1. Slack

Slack as one of the Best SaaS Websites shared by WANDR, a remote UX Design Firm

Slack is a messaging and collaboration platform that caters to organizations of all sizes. The website is simple to use, with a clear call to action. In addition, the video on the site is animated, which demonstrates how Slack is a tool for funneling a large number of messages and subjects into specific locations.

Slack is a top example of superb SaaS program design and an excellent example of simple UX design for websites. This messaging software is lightweight and straightforward, making it a valuable tool for hundreds of organizations.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox as one of the Best SaaS Websites selected by WANDR top-leading Product Strategy and UX Design Agency

Dropbox makes it clean and straightforward by providing a bold statement about its business and a simple sign-up form to get you started with the service. 

The home page is a simple sign-up form to get you started. Dropbox didn't have to worry about clever slogans and animations. Instead, it was on target and focused on sign-up conversions. In addition, their website is updated with tagline statements about their services. 

Most people are already familiar with Dropbox, so it's important to note that a login-centric design works for them. However, if you're starting a new SaaS company, it doesn't make sense to put a common sign-up form in the center of your home page for immediate information. Instead, companies lesser-known than Dropbox need to provide multiple messages about why visitors need to buy the product. 

3. Petal

Petal broke the loop with a simple user flow that made it as one of the best SaaS websites by WANDR

Petal broke the loop with a simple user flow that encourages visitors to scroll down using an interactive design. Finally, the most important offering, the Petal card, is physically placed on a spinning pedestal to attract everyone's attention. 

Petal employs a bright color palette, expertly combining teal, off-white, large titles, and plenty of white space in their design. There is plenty of room on their website, along with an attractive visual design. 

4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics as one of the Best SaaS Websites from WANDR, the leader UX Design Firm in LA

Kissmetrics offers analysis software as a service. Like many of the best SaaS websites, the design is simple and easy to read, and users can understand the service offered in seconds. Also, Kissmetrics will not clog your site with unnecessary information. Here's what we like about the Kissmetrics website: 

  • For graphic layouts, it's a good idea to scroll down to find more information.
  • The way they establish credibility is to quantify their customers. 

This creates trust among potential customers. 

Kissmetrics offers analysis software as a service. Like many of the best SaaS websites, the design is simple and easy to read. Users can understand the service provided in seconds.

Kissmetrics does not clog your screen with unnecessary information. Instead, users have to scroll down the page to find more information. Additionally, Kissmetrics uses the site’s whimsical design and gentle color contrast to highlight its message.

5. Docusign

DocuSign as one of the Best SaaS Websites brought to you by WANDR ranked #1 Design Agency in LA and SF

If you needed to sign an official document online, you might have used DocuSign. They use social proof on their landing page to explain that "750,000 customers and hundreds of millions of signatories" have used their products. In addition, the company implements two of the best digital marketing tools, offering free trials and live chat with teams.

6. Hubspot

HubSpot featured as one of the Best SaaS Websites by WANDR Design Firm

Hubspot offers CRM software to a variety of users. They make this point on their page by listing their various services and their most popular features. There is also a live chat feature with several different CTA buttons. Visitors will be instructed to try a specific service for free or get a premium demo.

7. Spotify

Spotify is a personal SaaS product that has taken over the audio streaming industry as one of the best SaaS websites brought to you by WANDR, UX Design Firm

While many SaaS websites we reviewed and targeted businesses, Spotify is a personal SaaS product that has taken over the audio streaming industry. Its landing pages are trendy but maintain a minimalist design that emphasizes the key selling points of the software. In addition, it is free for users for three months and can be canceled at any time.

8. MailChimp

Best SaaS website featuring Mailchimp shared by WANDR, a UX design company in USA

The design of a SaaS website should be clean and straightforward. MailChimp is an excellent example of communicating a message swiftly to its target audience. Users should be able to tell who the service is targeted.

9. Typeform

Typeform as one the Best SaaS Websites featured by WANDR, UX Design Agency from LA and SF

Typeform is one of the top ten SaaS UX designs because the website is unique and sticks out while maintaining a simple style that allows the message to be conveyed fast and effectively.

When we visit the landing page, we can instantly determine the service that is being offered. It also includes a tool for creating online forms and surveys. We can also sign up for free or check out a few samples by clicking on a button. It's also worth noting that the purpose of the CTA is to convince users to "Sign Up" or "Try it for Free," which stands out among the other CTA buttons visually.

The navigation is very straightforward, making it easier to move around the site. These are all characteristics that every home should have.

10. Kajabi

Kajabi has everything we're talking about regarding best practices and features right on its homepage. They clearly describe their core value proposition and deconstruct all their components as part of their effective marketing strategy.

Their website includes a video, a call to action, and a free trial. Kajabi's basic style doesn't hamper its branding, and pricing is prominently shown at the top of the page.

Final Thoughts on the Best Software as a Service Website Designs

After examining the websites of the top SaaS companies, you may have realized something they all have in common.

They are straightforward, and their designs are attractive, simple, and quantifiable.

We quickly grasp the SaaS website and whether we require it when visiting these sites. Each site also includes a clear call to action that allows visitors to quickly learn more about the services.

These examples of SaaS landing pages give you a good sense of what to look for in a good UX design.

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