Our services
Our services

WANDR is a product strategy and UX design firm that provides end-to-end strategy from design to development services for startups and enterprise brands.

WANDR is an extension of your team
WANDR: Product Strategy and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | We Explore
When someone quits or isn't a fit, and you cannot control your project personnel, you can count on us to be there. We're autonomous, yet we're the consistent partner you need and can depend on.
WANDR: Product Strategy and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | We Create
It’s tough to hire a dozen experts internally, or as freelancers. Working with WANDR allows you to bring in the best people for the job without the internal-hiring prices, processes, or unrealistic long-term commitments.
WANDR: Product Strategy and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | We Deliver
Sometimes, the hardest products to test and design are your own! Our external global perspective allows us to critique and collaborate on your product. We listen to your customer, and we listen to you.
Our services
Our services
We drive growth & profit
through our portfolio of services
Brand Development

Your brand represents the values and beliefs of your company. The way it is perceived changes with every interaction your audience has with it.

We help your company make each of those interactions perfect by communicating its values through experiences that resonate with your audience. We’re not just designers. We’re your strategic partners.

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User experience & audits

After working with countless entrepreneurs and companies, we’ve come to realize that most digital products fail because they are difficult to use, confusing or frustrating. In short, they have poor user experience.

It sounds like another techie buzz term, but what companies are really trying to figure out is how usable their products are.

At WANDR we’ve tested multiple models for measuring usability through qualitative and quantitative research and we’ve come up with a framework that allows us to evaluate digital interfaces based on a robust, state of the art methodology.

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User Interface & Visual Design

Aesthetics are an important part of your brand’s strategy. From the color palette to the bezier curve that dictates the animation of a menu, it all needs to consistently communicate your company’s personality.

But good design is not only aesthetic. Stripping your interfaces of distractions –through a purposeful hierarchy of information– helps the user focus on what they need to do to achieve their goals, making your product useful.

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Startup Bootcamp

Getting your first round of funding is tough.

We help you refine your idea, test it with real users, and create a mockup of your app. After out 4-week bootcamp you will have all the tools to present a compelling story to your investors.

The courage to walk into the room is up to you.

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Software Engineering

You have the designs and the resources. Now it's time to fully deploy your product. We can help you build any software application, from a simple and fun game for iPhones, to an enterprise-grade, multi-platform system. We’ve done both (and many more), by the way.

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