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  • Improving Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates Through UX brought to you by WANDR an award-winning Product Strategy and UX Design Firm

Improving Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate Through UX

Your E-Commerce conversion rate is the yardstick by which you can measure its growth and, arguably, the most important metric you should be tracking. While multiple factors affect conversion rates, a high-quality user experience has consistently proven to be one of the most important ones across all industries.

  • WANDR prepared 5 web design tips

5 Web Design Tips To Convert Business Intelligence Prospects Into Customers

A lot of our clients working in the Business Intelligence struggle to convert visitors into paying customers due to a lack of clarity around the value of their product. A well-designed landing page can play a major role in communicating that value. This is why have prepared 5 Web Design Tips that convert Business Intelligence Prospects Into Customers.

Our Product Design Process

WANDR's Product Design Process is our approach to solving complex problems through design and technology. It has allowed us to help hundreds of SaaS clients increase their monthly recurring revenue, either by reducing churn or by attracting more ideals buyers. It's the main reason we've been voted best UX Design Agency multiple times in the past few years.

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