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User Experience Design

We design a user experience that makes products useful

After working with countless entrepreneurs and companies, we’ve come to realize that most digital products fail because they are difficult to use, confusing, or frustrating.

In short, they have poor user experience.

At WANDR, we’ve tested multiple models for measuring usability through qualitative and quantitative research. We’ve designed a framework that allows us to evaluate and design digital interfaces based on a robust, state-of-the-art methodology.

UX/UI Design Process

With so many options for UX strategy and design firms in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and around the world — we set ourselves apart from the others with unique processes… and even better people!

WANDR is based in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. We can do in-person meetings and add people to your project from across the globe. We are fueled with international inspiration, and our small global team becomes an extension of your team.

We provide experts throughout the entire product strategy and design process. When you work with WANDR, your team includes not just one UI and UX Designer — but instead the right person at the right time.

UX/UI Design

Product Strategy

Working closely with the client to understand their business and product goals.

UX Analysis

Focusing on the user experience requirements for the product.

UX Research

Adding context to the user experience design process by researching customer needs.

Information Architecture

How information is organized across your product to meet marketing goals.

UX Designs

Illustrations and artwork for your product’s user experience.

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Discovering product market fit to delight cybersecurity specialist
Usability Testing
UX Research
Brand Development

UX/UI Design FAQs

We’re an enterprise company with an existing brand, can we work with WANDR for user experience design? Do we need a UX Audit?
Absolutely! We can work alongside your team to do new user experience design work.

For existing products, we recommend pairing this service with a UX audit of your existing products. With a UX audit, we suggest changes based on data from your existing product. Learn more about our UX Audits here, or CONTACT US

For new user experience design, we can work on developing a product from scratch that meets any new customer problems.

The WANDR Product Strategy and UX Design Firm is based in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, but has team members around the world. Our agile, international team allows us to stay ahead of global trends, and build scale-able data-proven designs.
We’re a startup company, is it too soon to do User Experience Design?
WANDR has helped startup founders raise over $100 Million dollars. We don’t just build brands from the ground up, we set the roots and foundation. It’s never too soon to partner with experts to build your brand, SaaS UI, and web UI. When we research, design, and validate your product, you are one step closer to validating your company.
We have special packages for startups. User interface design is included in our Startup Bootcamp. Alternatively, contact us directly at for a custom startup package.
How long does a User Experience project take?
How grand is the scope of your project? How many WANDR experts do you want working on it at a single time? Through years of research, design, and development, we’ve learned that we need to learn more about your business, customer, and product to provide an accurate timeline and budget.
We can structure a project across a week or a few months, based on the total scope of work and your resources. We can complete the UI for a marketing website, MVP, or for product onboarding in about a week. More detailed websites, B2S platforms, and products can take longer..
Leigh Erickson
Chief Creative Officer

They are agile and accommodating to our specific needs

WANDR delivers high-quality work while remaining flexible to change requests. They are a solution-oriented team with an organized project management process, and their ability to listen to what the business wants and deliver accordingly has made for an ideal partnership”.


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