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UX Audit

Identify pain points through
the right assessment

Good UX starts
from understanding
the problem

Good UX starts
from understanding
the problem

UX Audits are used to evaluate user experience, identify roadblocks, and resolve gaps that may exist.

By conducting UX Audits regularly, we can uncover why retention is low, how to convert more users to paid customers, and make improvements to user onboarding.
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Uncover User Behavior

Through quantitative UX research, we analyze user behaviors to observe what your users actually do and how they do it. We then compare these findings against expectations to identify unnecessary obstacles that get in the way of completing their core tasks. By identifying friction, we uncover opportunities for improvement through design and interaction changes.

Talk to your users

Through user interviews, we understand the “why” behind user behaviors and their motivations. We prepare user interview scripts based on hypotheses we want to test and recruit users according to your user personas.
By interviewing users and understanding their needs and goals, we can help you to prioritize product features, create better engagements, and ultimately drive conversion.

Increase your retention rate

In our UX Audits, you'll receive a clear product roadmap on how to improve your user experience--from the first visit, through onboarding, and straight into retention. We'll analyze your product from top to bottom, and provide a detailed action plan for improvement with prioritized items that are easy to implement.

Our Process

Analyze Data

Interview Users

Conduct Heuristic Evaluation



Analyze Data
Interview Users
Conduct Heuristic Evaluation

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UX Research
Brand Development
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Alex Dunbrack
Co-Founder & COO, Vectrix (Y-Combinator Company)

They initially performed a UX Audit and then designed the system for our use

They initially performed a UX Audit and then designed the system for our use. Without WANDR, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively communicate our product’s value proposition.”
Dakota Young
Founder & CEO, Boon (a 500 Startups company)

The end product is impressive, as well as their entire approach

It’s been pretty seamless since day one... [Wandr] reviewed the existing designs and workflows that we had so far… The end product is impressive, as well as their entire approach. They really make it their job to understand the product and vision, while pushing out a consistent stream of excellent work.”
Joel Shapiro
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Dumpling

Their work is super clean and very professional

Wandr was great to work with, and added a ton of expertise and suggestions to the wireframes we started out with. In addition, their work is super clean, very professional, and also represents very up to date best practices and design principles! I'd definitely be happy to work with Wandr again."

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Regardless of what product you’re
working on, we’ve got you covered.

E-commerce UX Audit

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the key reasons for lost revenue in e-commerce. Our E-commerce UX Audit will help you increase usability, boost average order values and improve checkout conversions.

Web App
UX Audit

Complexity in dashboards can cause high churn rates. Our Web App UX Audit will help improve your user onboarding and overall UX to increase user retention.

Mobile App
UX Audit

Think of gamification as the catalyst for your next-level mobile experience With our Mobile UX Audit, you’ll design an engaging app that will keep your users coming back time and time again.

UX Audit

Website traffic means nothing if you can’t convert. Learn how to reduce your bounce rate and increase your customer acquisition through our Website
UX Audit.

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UX Audit FAQs

What is a UX Audit?
A UX Audit is a thorough assessment that effectively pinpoints potential usability issues within digital products. By analyzing data, conducting user interviews, and heuristic evaluation, UX audits can provide key insights that lead to data-driven solutions. We believe great products are a result of understanding where the problem comes from and asking the right questions to the right people--that’s why we embed both qualitative and quantitative UX research throughout our process.
What are the benefits of investing in a UX Audit?
Investing in a UX audit will ensure that your product is competitive in today's marketplace. By analyzing user behavior, conducting user interviews, and uncovering friction in your user experience will lead to increased conversion, engagement, and retention. As a result, this will lead to more revenue, which directly impacts your company's bottom line.
We’re an enterprise company, how does the UX Audit affect our existing product roadmap?
The first step in our process is to conduct Stakeholder Interviews--this gives us insights into what was already planned in your product roadmap. The UX Audit will then provide insights as to how far you are from achieving your product goals and what are the necessary steps to get there.

Our recommendations are rooted in your business goals, target audience, product features, technical architecture, and industry knowledge. This may or may not change your product roadmap, but what’s important to know is that these recommendations will help you be successful in the final outcome.
We’re a startup company, is it too soon to do a UX Audit?
No it's not. Almost any company could benefit from a UX Audit, even if you're just starting out. If your product is on the 'lighter' version, we will focus more on UX research and interviewing users to provide you with insights on what is needed to evolve your product.
What are the deliverables included in the UX Audit?
We will determine during kickoff what are the outcomes you are looking for in the audit, which will impact the final deliverables. The deliverables may include, but are not limited to:
-User Interview Reports
-User Flow Analysis
-Screen markups
-Heuristic Evaluation
-Product Roadmap Recommendation
How often should we conduct a UX Audit?
The recommended frequency of a UX audit depends on the scale of your product. As a small startup, we recommend that you conduct a UX audit at least once a year.

In an Enterprise company, we recommend that you conduct a UX audit once a quarter. This frequency gives your organization the right amount of visibility into what’s causing churn, how to keep users engaged, and keep your product team focused on producing new features instead of being bogged down in fixing usability issues.
How much does a UX Audit cost?
Our audit costs $30,000 which includes the standard number of user interview payouts.

We also offer custom proposals for organizations looking to collect additional data outside the standard audit.
How long does it take to conduct a UX audit?
Our standard process to conduct the audit takes 4 weeks.

We also offer custom proposals for organizations that are looking to collect data for a longer period of time.


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