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How does UX/UI apply to web design?
UX in web design applies to the many interactions a user has with the website such as services and products a company may offer. The UX design of a website functions as a guide to how your users will navigate through your site and highlight its usability. Proper utilization of UI/UX will lead to more will ultimately improve website engagement and help increase revenue, and brand awareness.
Is user research required for every project and why?
Definitely yes! User research provides an essential foundation for design strategy. It helps to create an optimal product or experience for users. User research provides the reasoning and validation behind decisions in strategy and design that will be made in the design process. After all, we are building products and services for the end-user. Leave the assumptions aside and go for a user-centric approach.
What is the core team composition?
Typically the core team is composed of a strategist, designer, and researcher for each project. However based on complexity and requirements we customize the project team accordingly may include development, visual designer, copywriter, or other skillsets as needed.
The design process of a website redesign?
The design process for a website redesign begins with analyzing current website metrics and analyzing current website performance. With this data, we can then create goals aligned with the design that increases engagement, reduces bounce rates, and increases the conversion rate. Then we will review the buyer persona, and how the users benefit from visiting our site.
Does WANDR do tailored UX service?
Yes, WANDR works to fit the needs of our clients.

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