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About Us

When you collaborate with WANDR, it's not just a business decision—you're joining an ecosystem of knowledge-hungry individuals who are committed to helping each other learn and grow. Our team is made up of diverse, unique and curious individuals who are constantly craving knowledge acquisition. We combine our personal backgrounds, professional experiences and research data in order to bring strategic solutions that drive results.




We started as a remote UI/UX Agency for startups--we worked around the clock and with tight budgets. What we’ve learned in this environment is to always stay nimble, anticipate and mitigate risks, and to deliver with a sense of urgency. We also learned that the best creatives are those that seek to explore the unknown, which is why we’ve always operated remotely--to allow room for exploration and personal growth.

Our Founder

Jinny Oh

Speaker, Investor and Traveler

When I first started WANDR, my goal was to help founders.

I had my own personal experiences of working with dev shops and agencies that took forever, cost me my life savings and still had nothing to show. I also felt the pain of other founders who shared these experiences of working with slow, expensive, outsourced agencies and were at their second, third, or even fourth round of trying to launch their MVPs.

I wanted to build a way to turn ideas into real solutions, faster.

Fast forward today, we celebrate 5 years of success at WANDR. We’ve delivered amazing success to our clients, but more importantly, we’ve built an incredible remote culture that we are extremely proud of.

I’d like to quickly thank every person who has been part of the WANDR journey and to all of you who share this story!

Our Values

Remote Work Experience

We are masters of working remotely. Our company’s DNA was built around remote work, years before Covid hit. Because our process, communication and collaboration has always been built around a remote workplace, we are ahead of the curve and only continue to improve the way we work.

Specialists From
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We’ve sure heard of the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”. That’s why it's become crucial for us to ensure that the correct people are in place for the right task. By collaborating with us, you can trust that we’ve been searching worldwide to find specialists with distinct profiles, knowledge and expertise that are relevant for your precise product or service. We are aware that many people have a misconception that UX and UI experts are interchangeable, but we're here to demystify this idea by providing you with specialized talents for every role: research, design, QA, product management and more.

Join our team!

We’re always looking for new Wandritos to work with

Join our team!

We’re always looking for new Wandritos to work with

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