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User experience has never been more important than it is today. If your customer’s journey isn’t one of your top priorities, you can guarantee it’s your competitor’s. But designing digital experiences that are both scalable and high-performing requires a unique knowledge of user trends, development best practices, and the latest UX design tools. Let WANDR help you take your UX design to the next level and provide you with the competitive edge you need to keep your users engaged and your competitors at bay.

What is UX Design?

Few things are as crucial as your user experience (UX) when discussing how to effectively get your customers to engage with your brand’s products and services. UX design refers to the methodologies surrounding the development of user experiences that make up a customer’s journey when navigating and using websites, applications, products, and services.

UX design is much more than simply helping create actual user experiences. It’s an all-encompassing approach to better understanding user behaviors and how they relate to providing highly engaging experiences that lead to higher conversion rates, better user retention, and improved brand experience. UX design can include:

  • Deep customer journey analysis.
  • Testing prototype designs with users.
  • Researching competitors.
  • Continuous testing and optimization.
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UX Research

If you don’t know what your customers need, creating memorable user experiences is impossible. Our team takes a deep dive into user trends, preferences, search behavior, and competitive analysis to ensure your product is built on a foundation for success.

Information Architecture

Creating an effective information architecture that leads customers through their journey is the foundation of any successful UX design. Our team will map out your customer’s journey and help you create a plan to ensure your customers don’t lose their way when engaging with your brand.

UX Designs

Visualizing your UX design can be challenging without the right tools. We provide a suite of UX design services that ensure your product is optimized for success while giving illustrations and artwork that help you communicate your vision and see it through to product execution.

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Design Services by WANDR Studio

WANDR has been serving clients since 2016, helping them execute UX-focused designs that help businesses increase user retention by providing valuable product experiences that keep customers coming back. Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

Product Strategy

Whether you have a fully-function digital product or are still at the inception stage, our team will work closely with you to ensure your product strategy is scalable and cost-effective.

UX Analysis

Analyzing how your customers interact with your products is a critical step in knowing where and how you can improve. We take a holistic approach to breaking down your customers’ journey to find ways to enhance their experiences.

Why Businesses Hire WANDR for UX Design Services

Over the years, we’ve been hired by brands of types and sizes to help develop and execute a UX strategy that leads to memorable brand engagements, improved user experiences, higher sales conversions, and more efficient DevOps processes. Below are some examples of the great clients we’ve had the privilege of working with:


Featured Case Studies


All-in-one solution for healthcare compliance.


A fundraising firm that raises capital for investment managers.


A secure and easy-to-use platform that helps you avoid contract hardships.


A no-code game design platform.

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How Do We Improve the User Experience?

We know that businesses have many options available to them when looking for help establishing the right UX strategy and execution. We also know that the path to creating good UX starts with fully understanding where the problems are coming from. That’s why WANDR has developed a systematic process for auditing your UX to identify where the best use of your time, resources, and budget should be spent.

Deep Data Analysis

We collect and analyze data from multiple sources, helping to identify exactly how customers interact with your products to give us deeper insights into impactful areas of improvement.

User Interviews

Listening to your customers’ feedback is critical, and we focus on providing testing environments where customers can tell us directly about their experiences and expectations, leading to better designs concentrating on meeting those needs.

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Heuristic Evaluations

We conduct in-depth heuristic evaluations that look for usability issues, mapping out customer journeys to ensure no roadblocks or other frustrations are getting in the way of customers achieving their goals.

Competitor Research

To create unique customer experiences, you need to know what your competitors are up to. Our team takes a deep dive into the competitive landscape, giving you an edge and helping you create experiences that stand out in your industry.

UX Recommendations

Once we’ve done due diligence into all areas of your UX design, our experts create a comprehensive report that outlines the areas of improvement and their associated recommendations.

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UX plays a vital role in the success of any digital product. UX services provide a number of solutions to help you address inefficiencies in your design that can negatively impact user engagement levels and converted sales.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and high-performing user interface helps to keep your customers from falling victim to distractions and provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience. UI services help you create engaging interfaces and offer the features required to meet your customer's needs.

The cost of developing an app can vary widely depending on the complexity of your build. On average, app design can cost between $3,000 and $30,000, but it will depend on the type of app you're building and its required features.

UX designers can help you create a compelling and engaging customer journey that leads to better user engagement, increased conversions, and improved ROI. They will also help to give back precious bandwidth to internal teams, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of the business.

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