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The Wandr Way

Our Culture

We believe that a creative team is not only made up of great professionals but also great people. Want to know why working with us is so special?


We believe that the best people are explorers. That’s why we’ve built our foundational culture around working remotely with people from all over the world. Long before Covid, we’ve mastered the process, communication and collaboration around a remote workplace.

Career Growth

We encourage, promote, and support our team's growth mindset and are committed to helping Wandritos take their career to the next level.

We work together to identify the ideal career path for each team member and provide ongoing support and skill-based training to help them get there.

The nature of our projects, the diverse skill sets within the team, and our collaborative approach (along with our training opportunities!) allow us to ensure ongoing professional and personal development.

management style

Wandritos hold integrity to their work, their time and how they represent themselves. We strive for excellence and willingness to add value to others. In doing so, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver the best work and experience to our clients, our teammates and to ourselves.

Our Values

One Team, One Dream

  • Cares about the overall success of the team and company, even if that means taking one for the team
  • Understands that excellence is a collaborative team effort and doesn’t need the spotlight on them
  • Not afraid to voice their opinions when they disagree, but then is 100% committed to support teams’ final decisions and plans

Growth Mindset

  • Open to trying something new, even if it’s uncomfortable
  • Has an insatiable curiosity, loves to explore and nevers stops learning to improve who they are and their skills
  • Solutions-driven
  • Open to feedback and takes it in a positive way

Going the Extra Mile

  • Strives for excellence and exceeds expectations
  • Willingness to add value to others
  • Provides new ideas and suggestions
  • Brings past experiences to provide value into conversations


  • Ability to lead, sets examples and follows up
  • Owns what they say they’re going to do
  • Holds integrity to their work, time and how they represent themselves
  • Ability to prioritize to get the work done on time

No Fluff

  • Has their unique ‘geekiness’
  • Passionate about their work and is enjoyable to work with
  • Has the ability to make Monday a Fun Day
  • Isn’t afraid to share their personal passion to the Wandr team

Take their word for it

The Wandritos

Each member of our team embodies our company values. Learn firsthand how they've tackled professional challenges, went the extra mile to make our clients happy, and defied collaborative teamwork.
Product Strategist

Teamwork is the most important aspect of a working experience

I believe that teamwork is the most important aspect of a working experience and I love the Wandr team all the time they are the best and really great!”

Wandr Employment FAQs

Why work at Wandr?
You will learn. Tons.
Working with a top-notch team solving problems for a diverse number of industries and company sizes. Sometimes, you work with startups to help them define their value proposition and build their first UI. Other times you will get to work with established companies to help them innovate through research to achieve their outcomes and hit projected metrics.
What are the benefits of working at Wandr?
Besides being a Wanderito, which is a benefit in itself. We offer:
• Competitive salary
• Paid time off
• Two volunteer days a year
• Health insurance
• Training
• Cash prices at our monthly meeting
• Cash prices for "Wandrito of the Month"
• 200 USD reinvestment per year on office supplies and tools
What nationalities do you hire? Do you have to be an American citizen or have a green card to work at WANDR? Do you sponsor a green card?
We are open to hiring all nationalities. We are distributed all over the world: The Americas, Europe and Asia. You don't have to be an American citizen to work at Wandr, so we don't sponsor green cards or visas. Bear in mind, you have to be able to speak fluent english to be part of the team. Even though we are physically apart, we are as close as command and c. We are integrated, we chat every day through slack and each project holds its own daily stand-ups and we host all team virtual events. Plus, we organize retreats and we travel somewhere awesome to spend quality time together outside the zoom dimension.
How do geographical restrictions play a part? How do you manage multiple time zones for meetings?
We recruit and hire internationally. This means you can work for Wandr from anywhere in the world as long as you can be available during US office hours (kind of). We have a results driven approach where we value autonomy and accountability. This means that you can work any hours you want, as long as you participate in client meetings, and official Wandr meetings; which take place during US office hours.
What is the PTO policy?
We encourage a work-life balance. We offer 16 days paid time off to all full time permanent employees and 6 days to part time employees.
What are the company holidays?
We follow the US calendar. We offer the following days off:
• New Year's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Eve (half-day off, local time and on-call)
• Christmas Day
• New Year's Eve- December 31 (half-day off, local time and on-call)
• 1 Flex Day- Choose between US or local holidays

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