UX Audits

A User Experience (UX) audit helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of a digital product.

Audits offer tremendous insight into product performance and customer behavior. The information that we gather allows us to find areas for improvement.

We can focus on specific goals, such as increasing user engagement, or boosting conversion rates.
The result is a comprehensive and detailed report of your product’s usability problems, and suggestions on how to overcome them.


What is a UX audit?

User Experience Design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) syncs the following product components:

Product Evaluations
Sales Figures
Conversion Rates
User Surveys
Stakeholder Interviews

The WANDR UX audit process determines what’s working and what’s not.

The WANDR UX Audit Process

The audit provides a detailed look at various data and metrics to determine the needs of your users. When hiring an outside firm (like us!) to complete the audit, you will receive actionable steps for dealing with the areas that need improvement.

Our outside perspective allows us to provide an honest look at your product and how it meets customers’ needs. We can learn what it is that keeps clients coming back for more — or, where you’re losing potential customers.


wandr-ux-design-process-2 created by WANDR, award winning UX Design Firm from LA

UX Audit Deliverables

Case Studies

For a look at sample projects, please contact us below.
We’ll share our work based on your industry and service needs.

Case Studies

For a look at sample projects, please contact us below.
We’ll share our work based on your industry and service needs.

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UX Audit FAQs

Whether we’re designing a new product for your company, or upgrading an existing one, we highly recommend a UX audit that reviews what has worked for you in the past.

This data becomes the foundation of our product strategy.  For new user experience design, we can work on developing a product from scratch learn more about User Experience Design here or CONTACT US

Once upon a time, WANDR was a startup too. As creators, we’re passionate about building new products. We’ve helped startups raise over $100 Million dollars, and built hundreds of brands from the ground up.

We recommend auditing your product before it goes into the development cycle, to minimize capital risk. Check out our Startup Bootcamp. Alternatively, contact us directly at hello@wandr.studio for a custom startup package.

The price of the UX audit depends on the scope of your product’s complexity. If it’s a single website, it can be as quick as a single week. For more complex platforms like B2B SaaS, a UX audit can take a few weeks.



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