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Techstars & WANDR both share one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Wherever your company is in the process, we’ll meet you there. We help companies identify gaps, and use our expertise to fill them. Whether you need help turning your idea into a prototype, scaling your MVP, polishing up your product to every stage in between- we’ve got you. Let us build the bridge to more users, more revenue, more success.

In an effort to support the startup community, we are offering 4-week Bootcamps to all TechStars Portfolio companies. You choose your focus, and we’ll tackle it quickly. These bootcamps are being offered at 20k (normally 35k).

Bootcamps | Choose Your Adventure

  • UX Audit: Knock Down Your Customer Roadblocks
  • Product-Market Fit: Learn Your Audience Segments, Gain Traction, Retain Users

  • Prototyping: Idea to Prototype
  • Visual Design: Polish Your Product

Bootcamps Portfolio

UX Audit

When was the last time you checked in with your users about their experience with your product?

An effective User Experience (UX) audit helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

Not only does an audit offer insight into product performance and customer behavior, the information gathered helps identify issues and areas of improvement to ultimately create a simpler and more seamless user journey.

Wandr Techstars Prototype


From idea to prototype in 4 weeks. We help early-stage founders build the tools they need to put in front of potential investors. 

Through UX research and product strategy, we've tailored our process to mitigate risk at every turn. We get to embrace your vision and deliver the clickable prototype and get you one step closer to MVP.

Product-Market Fit

Are you resonating with your target audience? Do you know what personas exist within your target market? How are you tailoring those customer journeys to each?

This is a four-week collaborative sprint that defines and tests your product hypothesis, identifies the ideal customer profile (ICP), and drives you closer to your product-market fit.

No matter how complex the requirement, this bootcamp optimizes user research, message ideation and testing, product strategy and user flows for the best results.

Wandr Techstars Product-Market Fit
Wandr Techstars Visual Design

Visual Design

Need to level up on your product's look and feel?

Have you rebranded recently and need to have that reflected within your product? If you have a product in the market, but it needs a little polish- this is for you. We spend four weeks making the most impactful design decisions, leaving you with a visually refreshed interfaced.

Other ways we
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Design Systems

Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your product. With a proper design system, your entire product team can produce much more efficiently, provide consistency to your users and help eliminate technical gaps.
A design system acts as your single source of truth, housing a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns. When your team utilizes a design system, shipping new features becomes faster. We will deliver your Design system in Figma (or other if needed) with all CSS elements, bridging the gap between design and engineering.

Product Strategy Roadmap

We will align key stakeholders to outline the vision, direction, priorities, and progress of a product over time. We devise a plan of action that prioritizes high impact items and short term goals while planning for the long term.

Onboard Flow Optimization

How long does it take to onboard a new user? Have you made product changes that are having an affect on onboarding? The majority of churn takes place between the initial signup and your users achieving their first “success” with your product.
These users sign up because they want to solve a problem. If the process of reaching their first success is too slow, they’ll find alternative solutions and that’s when churn happens. A successful user onboarding bridges this gap by providing clear value of the product, hand-holds the user to its first success and creates easy repetition. At WANDR, we’ve helped triple retention rates for some of our clients, just by redesigning their onboarding experience. We know how powerful it can be and this is where we double down our skillsets to help you retain more of your users!

Dashboard Optimization

Dashboards should display relevant data in a way that enables users to make decisions at a glance. For Wandr, designing dashboards that are functional and easy-to-use is our bread and butter. We create stories with your data that both new and legacy users will find empowering.

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