From Startup Idea
to Solid Head Start

WANDR's experts will design, test, and budget your product concept with industry experts in just 4 weeks. You'll get everything you need to pitch to investors and partners.

WANDR has helped early-stage founders jump start their ideas and build their foundation the right way.

Have you heard the startup horror stories of founders who waste their time and money working with offshore teams, expensive freelancers, or inexperienced co-founders?

Do things the right way with a partner who has helped dozens of startups, who have cumulatively raises over $100 million. Partner with WANDR.

Your Problem Our Solution

WANDR's all-inclusive 4-week Startup Bootcamp will arm you with everything you need to start raising funds, from pitch to prototype.

You have an idea, but nothing to show for it.

Interactive Product Prototype

You'll no longer just be "someone with an idea." WANDR will do extensive research, testing, and design of your product. We'll create an interactive prototype that people can experience.

Let people see and click-through your product demo when raising capital or recruiting a team.

You don't know how much capital to raise.

Product Pricing Comparison

Our goal is to help you compare your options, and set a realistic budget for your product design, management, and development.

Once we define your product requirements, we can provide full transparency with different pricing options: Not just with the WANDR team, but with other domestic and international teams.

You need a team and funding to grow your business.

Pitch Deck

From product idea to company vision, we'll design a pitch presentation to help communicate your concept to investors and users. We'll refine your story and prepare you for the tough questions that are likely to arise.

The Team You Deserve

Finding the right co-founders and founding employees for your business can be a nightmare. Don't settle for inexperienced people who'll work for free or low- commitment contractors with steep fees.

We'll assign a dedicated team of product design experts to take your concept to the next level, so that you'll have the pieces you need to attract the talent and investors you deserve.

Our Process


Discovery & Market Research


Prototyping & Testing

4 Weeks


Branding & Testing


Final Refinements

Our Recent Work

Boutique Experience for the 'Boutique Fitness' App

Jetsweat is a fitness platform that enables boutique fitness studios to distribute digital video content directly to consumers on the go. When Jetsweat needed a team to elevate their UX, they contacted WANDR to take them to the next level.

App Store

Our Recent Work

Storytelling in a Competitive and Collaborative Way

Storyfire is group storytelling platform where users can write stories, contribute to others' stories and vote on their favorites. Upon releasing in Apple's App Store, Storyfire was featured on the home page and enjoyed more than 20,000 downloads in less than 48 hours.

App Store

Our Recent Work

Kompetes to Win

Kompetes is a peer-driven online competition platform for Artists, Photographers, Film Makers, Musicians. Users submit their entry to compete to win incredible prizes. When Kompetes needed help on their gamification strategy, they contacted WANDR for help making informed decisions through research and testing.

App Store
Jinny Oh

I'm Jinny Oh

I used to lose time and money trying to develop my product ideas. I worked with freelancers, offshore companies, and even college students. But I couldn't find the right people to successfully develop a real business out of my ideas.

I started WANDR to bring product strategy experts together in service of idea people like myself. We've worked with over 100 founders to research, design, test, and budget their products - preparing them for fundraising and launch. Together we've helped raise over $100 million for our partners.

Let our team be your team: your ideas, our experts. Together, we'll get you to take-off!

Join over 20,000 followers on Jinny's LinkedIn for startup tips and inspiration.

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What is an MVP?

It stands for Minimum Viable Product. An MVP allows you to test your product idea with real users and gather insights to refine it. It's not a finished or a polished product--it's the minimum you need to start testing. Think of it as the least risky version of your idea that you can learn from.

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Will the final deliverable be launched into the app store?

No. This program is primarily focused on building an MVP for pre-seed startups. Building a finished app, without doing several rounds of data-driven iterations, is risky. It is also a lot more costly and timely. The purpose of this program is to deliver enough assets to assist with your market validation and fundraising efforts. By the end of the 4th week, you'll be able to decide if you are ready for development or if it's best to continue refining your product.

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How do you conduct usability tests?

There are several methodologies. The demographics of your audience, as well as the type of data that you are looking to gather, will dictate which methodology is to be used.

In general, we source testers from our network of partners, our clients' networks, social media groups, and online services. For this program, we will mostly carry out remote testing using an interactive prototype and tracking technologies.

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What will be my required time commitment for this?

You will be required to invest at least 2 hours of your time every business day for 4 weeks. You will also be required to be available all day during the first Monday kickoff.

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How many revisions can I get?

We carry out design revisions every Wednesday so that all feedback is applied before the end of each week.

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Where is your team located?

Our headquarters are in Los Angeles but our team of strategists are location-independent.

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How much does everything cost?

WANDR's all-inclusive 4-week Startup Bootcamp costs $30,000 USD. This includes unlimited access to our remote collaboration tools, a dedicated project lead, strategy and design experts, and creation of your interactive prototype.

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Is this program for me?

This program is for you if:

  • You have an idea for a product but you need help to refine it
  • You need to raise your first round of funding but you don't have a prototype to show to potential investors
  • You want to know if your product has the right product to market fit

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