WANDR, a leading design agency specializing in UX/UI Research, Design Systems, and Audits, has a new partnership with the New Mexico Trade Alliance that has proven valuable in expanding the company’s reach into the Mexican market. With the success of this year’s City of Albuquerque Trade Mission to Mexico City, WANDR was able to connect with potential customers, distributors, and partners in the region.

The mission was a collaborative effort, with WANDR joining forces with other small businesses like Olivetree.skin and Bohannan Huston, to promote economic growth through international business. This visit to Mexico City was an excellent occasion to explore new opportunities in the growing Mexican market while also fostering relationships with key players in the region’s business community.

Through this partnership with the New Mexico Trade Alliance, WANDR gained valuable insights into the Mexican market, allowing it to tailor their products and services to better meet local customers’ needs. The success of this year’s trade mission highlights the importance of building solid relationships with international partners and the value of collaborative efforts in achieving common goals.

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