Interface Design

Is it delightful? Is it useful? Is it YOU?

Aesthetics are an important part of your brand’s strategy and B2B UI. From the color palette to the bezier curve that dictates the animation of a menu, it all needs to consistently communicate your company’s personality.

Brilliant designs go beyond aesthetics.
At WANDR, we focus on functionality.

Beauty will attract your user, but usefulness will keep them coming back.


What is User Interface Design?

User Interface Design, also known as UI, compliments its more analytical and technical principal: UX design.
User Interface is the artwork, and the story facing the user.

We love the analogy by Career Foundry:

Product development is the bones; UX design is the set of organs that makes everything run together, and the UI design is the skin, hair, makeup, and clothing everyone sees.

User interface design includes:

Customer Obsession
Look & Feel

At WANDR, we use user interface design to make your products more:


WANDR’s user interface design process helps companies improve how visually appealing their products are.

Our Interface Design Process

We know you have options, but your product deserves experts that are an extension of your team. At WANDR, we find a mutual fit with our clients because we see them as a partner. Together, we create a user interface fueled by both your experiences and ours.

You bring your customer experience, and we bring our global perspective.

WANDR provide specialists throughout the entire product strategy and design process. Learn more about our team here.


UI Design Deliverables

Case Studies

For a look at sample projects, please contact us below.
We’ll share our work based on your industry and service needs.

Case Studies

For a look at sample projects, please contact us below.
We’ll share our work based on your industry and service needs.

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Interface Design FAQs

Absolutely! We can integrate your existing brand, audit your existing user interface design, or work on developing a product from scratch that meets your goals.


WANDR has helped startup founders raise over $100 Million dollars. We don’t just build brands from the ground up, we set the roots and foundation.

It’s never too soon to partner with experts to build your brand, SaaS UI, and web UI. When we research, design, and validate your product, you are one step closer to validating your company.

We have special packages for startups. User interface design is included in our Startup Bootcamp. Alternatively, contact us directly at for a custom startup package.

What never changes when you partner with WANDR:

  • Our Timeliness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Expertise
  • Transparency
  • Quality of Work

At WANDR, we understand that each project and company is unique. We create tailored packages based on the following:

  • Your Business Goals
  • Your Customers’ Goals
  • Your Team Size & Resources
  • Your Timeline

After discussing your needs, we’ll create a scope of work and proposal. We meet weekly to discuss the week’s milestones and deliverables.

If your company is just getting started, we have a special launch program. Check out our Startup Bootcamp.

How grand is the scope of your project? How many WANDR experts do you want working on it at a single time?

Through years of research, design, and development, we’ve learned that we need to learn more about your business, customer, and product to provide an accurate timeline and budget.

We can structure a project across a week or a few months, based on the total scope of work and your resources. We can complete the UI for a marketing website, MVP, or for product onboarding in about a week. More detailed websites, B2S platforms, and products can take longer. 

Our standard weekly rate is $7,500 for visual design. 

This includes:

  • Moodboard
  • 2-3 Visual Directions 
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Visual Designs for Up to 10 Pages 



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