Interface Design
Interface Design

Is it delightful? Is it useful? Is it YOU?

Aesthetics are an important part of your brand’s strategy and app ui. From the color palette to the bezier curve that dictates the animation of a menu, it all needs to consistently communicate your company’s personality.

Brilliant designs go beyond aesthetics. At WANDR, we focus on functionality.

Beauty will attract your user, but usefulness will keep them coming back.


What is user interface design?

User interface design, also known as UI, compliments its more analytical and technical principal: UX design.

User interface is the artwork, and the story facing the user.

We love the analogy by Career Foundry:

Product development is the bones; UX design is the set of organs that makes everything run together, and the UI design is the skin, hair, makeup, and clothing everyone sees.

User interface design includes:
• Customer obsession
• General branding, graphic design, and illustrations
• Overall look and feel
• Responsiveness and interactivity
• Animation
• Adaptation to screen sizes
• User storyline

At WANDR, we use user interface design to make your products more:
• Relatable
• Understandable
• Memorable
• Attractive
• Purposeful

The WANDR UI Design Process
The WANDR UI Design Process
The WANDR user interface design process helps companies improve how visually appealing their products are.
User Interface Design | What you get with WANDR

We know you have options, but your app UI deserves experts that are an extension of your team. At WANDR, we find a mutual fit with our clients because we see them as a partner. Together, we create a user interface fueled by international inspiration.

We provide specialists throughout the entire product strategy and design process.

WANDR team includes the following for your UI design process:
Product Strategist
Works closely with the client to understand their business and product goals.
UX Researcher
Works with the UI and UX designers to meet your customer goals.
Visual Designer
Considers balance, contrast and color, shape, dominance, negative space, value, texture
Interaction Designer
Connects the interface movements and the user’s purpose; consider a progress bar, showing and action is done, and other action oriented elements.
Front-End Developer
Unlike a graphic designer, our UI services are synced to an engineer’s needs. We can provide a front-end developer for your app UI or web UI; or slice and dice the assets for a flawless development handoff.
At WANDR, we provide end-to-end services from the brand development and research phase, through UI and UX, and technical development. Our work will never compromise the scope of the full development process.
WANDR: Product Strategy and
                       UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | case-preview-boon
iOS / Web

After our initial discovery phase, we determined that there were two very different personas we needed to address:

• Employees: A mobile app so they could easily refer people from their network with the convenience of their phones.

• Companies: A web app to manage job openings, recruiting processes and bounty payments for referral providers regardless of their operating system.

WANDR: Product
                      Strategy and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | case-preview-k-laser
GUI / Hardware

K-Laser approached us to design the graphical interface of their devices. The project required a good level of understanding on how the hardware operated and the features it provided.

WANDR: Product Strategy
                      and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | case-preview-smar7
Smar7 Apps

SMAR7 produces a suite of apps that Shopify store owners get more revenue out of their online businesses.

One of their most popular apps, the SMAR7 Bundle Upsell, allows store owners to create custom popups that offer discounts, special promotions or free shipping to their customers when they perform a certain action.

Enterprise vs. Startup
Does your company need User Interface Design?
We’re an enterprise company with an existing brand, can we work with WANDR for user interface design?

Absolutely! We can integrate your existing brand, audit your existing user interface design, or work on developing a product from scratch that meets your goals.


We’re a startup company, is it too soon to do our user interface design?

We were once a startup too. Well to our ecosystem.

WANDR has helped startup founders raise over $100 Million dollars. We don’t just build brands from the ground up, we set the roots and foundation.

It’s never too soon to partner with experts to build your brand, app UI, and web UI. When we research, design, and validate your product, you are one step closer to validating your company.

We have special deals for startups. User interface design is included in our Startup Bootcamp .

Alternatively, contact us directly at hello@wandr.studio for a custom startup package.

What’s the difference between WANDR User Interface Design Services for startups vs for enterprise companies?

that never change when you partner with WANDR:
• Our timeliness
• Attention to detail
• Expertise
• Transparency
• Quality of work

At WANDR, we understand that each project and company is unique. We create tailored packages based on the following:

• Your business goals
• Your customer’s goals
• Your team size & resources
• Your timeline

After discussing your needs, we’ll create a scope of work and proposal. We meet weekly to discuss the week’s milestones and deliverables.

If your startup is just getting started, we have a special program to get you to take-off. Check out our
Startup Bootcamp

Other Interface Design FAQs
What’s the difference between WANDR User Interface Design Services for startups vs for enterprise companies?

How grand is the scope of your project? How many WANDR experts do you want working on it at a single time?

Through years of research, design, and development, we’ve learned that we need to learn more about your business, customer and product to provide an accurate timeline and budget.

We can structure a project across a few weeks or a few months, based on the total scope of work, your timeline, and resources.

How much does user interface design cost?

Our standard weekly rate is $5,000
Designing the UI for a new app typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the amount and complexity of its features. This includes the time it takes to design the entire user experience.
For strictly visual redesigns, the time varies between 2 and 4 weeks.

What are affordances and design systems?

Affordances are the visual qualities that define the uses of an object. It is what helps us recognize the difference between a doorknob and a tennis ball, and a button from a navigation menu. At WANDR, we create design systems that have clear affordances. They provide consistency for your customers and are a better way to develop products.

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