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UX Research

Usability Testing
Brand Development

Services we provide

Design Systems

Scaling design is difficult when there are so many inconsistencies in your product. With a proper design system, your entire product team can produce much more efficiently, provide consistency to your users and help eliminate technical gaps.
Deliverables include, but not limited to:

• Brand Guidelines & Design Principles
• Design Ops
• Components Library


User Onboarding

First impressions can be overwhelming. That’s why we believe Onboarding UX should never be an afterthought. Helping your users navigate through new features will bring you to new heights: upgraded conversion rates, long-term retention, and discoverability, among others.
Deliverables include:

• Onboarding Audit
• Onboarding Flow
• Recommended Email Onboarding

UX Audit

User retention requires a data-driven approach. By understanding your users’ journey —step by step— we can recommend how to prevent drop off stages, pain points, and bottlenecks. We uncover user behaviors through qualitative and quantitative methods to audit your product.
Deliverables include, but not limited to:

• Analytics Report
• UX Research (User Interviews)
• Recommended User Flow


UI/UX Design

Great design is engaging and can scale easily. Our data-driven approach identifies the root cause of bad UX and gets you back on track to acquiring more customers. Research is embedded throughout our process and our design is constantly validated through usability tests.
Deliverables include, but not limited to:

• UX Research
• User Flows
• Design System


Design Thinking Workshop

Invest in a full-day workshop with one of our industry experts. The workshop is built to help your team think outside their daily tasks. We will create a customized agenda to help align product vision, brainstorm new ideas and prioritize action items.
Deliverables include, but not limited to:

• Customized workshop agenda
• Full day facilitation (remote or in-person)
• 2 follow-up consultation calls

Startup MVP

From startup idea to solid head start. WANDR's experts will design, test, and budget your product concept with industry experts in just 4 weeks. You'll get everything you need to pitch to investors and partners.
Deliverables include, but not limited to:

• Interactive product prototype
• Product pricing comparison
• Pitch deck


UX Specialist

Your dream team

When faced with the challenge of reducing churn, B2B SaaS companies can rely on us to deliver data-driven solutions through a collaborative approach.

We are ready to brainstorm, research and collaborate so that your products are able to meet your users’ needs.

Small Team, Global Strategy

The world is our workplace

We are on a mission to recruit the best talent all over the globe. Having an eclectic team integrated by people with unique cultural, personal and professional backgrounds allows us to offer you a broader range of possibilities. Our global vision empowers us to scale beyond the frontiers, while better understanding how to develop solutions that resonate with more than just one culture.


Practice makes perfect

Over the past 5 years, our team of world-class UX experts has mastered the craft of working with B2B SaaS companies. Thanks to our track record, we are now able to refine our tried and true methodology to serve your engagement goals and needs. Whether it be visual dashboards, refined user onboardings, or more security sensitive experiences, we've got you covered.

Data-Driven design

Research always points north

Our expertise lies in optimizing user experience through well-supported, conscious designs. Data is the fuel that allows us to enhance a consistent data visualization while boosting your conversion and retention rates. In our opinion, quantitative and qualitative research should be the foundations of your product’s success.

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