Product development and end-to-end design for web and native IOS applications.
Scope of project
Scope of project
  • Information architecture
  • End-to-end product development
  • User experience
  • User interface design
  • Data visualization
  • Interaction design
The Project
The Project

Experience design for web and native IOS applications

After our initial discovery phase, we determined that there were two very different personas we needed to address:

• Employees: A mobile app so they could easily refer people from their network with the convenience of their phones.
• Companies: A web app to manage job openings, recruiting processes and bounty payments for referral providers regardless of their operating system.

Since the mobile experience was going to be determined by the capabilities of the company-facing application –and Boon needed a way to show investors how that part of the product was going to be –we started by working on the web app first.

Once the web app was under development, we began working on the native iOS app translating all the relevant features to the employee experience.


Improve the bundle creation workflow to make the app more intuitive for Shopify store owners.

  • Designed and built a web application that runs on any major browser
  • Application
  • Reduced friction for the onboarding process of Boon’s enterprise customers
  • Designed and built a native iOS app in a way that takes advantage of the phone’s processing power to run smart algorithms
What the client says
The WANDR is incredible. Our product has come leaps and bounds since we started working with them.
It’s not just the end product that’s impressive, it’s their entire approach. They really make it their job to understand your product and vision from top to bottom while pushing out a consistent stream of amazing work.
They're basically part of our core team at this point.
Dakota Younger
Founder/CEO of Boon
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See more cases
WANDR: Product Strategy
                      and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | case-preview-smar7
Smar7 Apps

SMAR7 produces a suite of apps that Shopify store owners get more revenue out of their online businesses.

One of their most popular apps, the SMAR7 Bundle Upsell, allows store owners to create custom popups that offer discounts, special promotions or free shipping to their customers when they perform a certain action.

WANDR: Product
                      Strategy and UX Design Firm based in Los Angeles and around the world | case-preview-k-laser
GUI / Hardware

K-Laser approached us to design the graphical interface of their devices. The project required a good level of understanding on how the hardware operated and the features it provided.

Our Clients
Our Clients