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An international nonprofit working to save our planet’s species & habitats

May 2018
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About the project


World Wildlife Fund, a leading conservation organization for 60+ years, prioritizes community-first conservation to build a sustainable future. Unlike other nonprofits, the WWF gets a majority of their funding from personal donors and legacies. This means that their website’s ease-of-use and functionality are crucial to continued growth.

Process &

Product Goals

  • Improve donation numbers
  • Facilitate future content modifications
  • Fix front-end web development and responsiveness issues


Building a donation funnel that converts: To increase donations, we streamlined the donation funnel by removing unnecessary distractions and implementing personalized donation options.

Creating Responsive Solutions: Our mobile-responsive layout provided a better user experience, enabling WWF to reach a broader audience. We optimized images for both horizontal and vertical layouts, and content could be easily accessed and interacted with through swiping.

Enabling an easy-to-edit environment: We developed a modular editing system, empowering WWF administrators to create pages with tailored layouts to support their projects. By stacking and updating these modules, WWF could create a unique and customized experience while adhering to the custom-designed style guide.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Usability Testing
  • User Flow
  • Site Map
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype


The challenge

When WWF approached us, they had four separate and outdated websites that required functional and design integration to align with WWF's brand guidelines. The main challenges we identified were:

  • A poorly designed mobile donation funnel that resulted in loss of donations.
  • An inflexible and disorganized backend that made content creation and editing a cumbersome process.
  • Display issues with their showcased data on the front-end, necessitating web development for minor modifications.


The outcomes

WWF now has the ability to manage a visually appealing yet adaptable set of design layouts that can engage a wider range of users.

Moreover, we integrated all of WWF's sites and projects into a unified format with a backend user interface that matches the front-end. This has streamlined future website changes.

Through their redesign, WWF has seen:

  • 26% increase in new mobile users
  • 30% increase in site-generated purchases
  • 18% increase in average time spent on the page
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